Christmas & Easter Combo Pack

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2 Reviews

Crystal Engels Jun 12th 2016

Fantastic Combo Pack!!

I purchased this to use in church for the nursery kids. We used the Christmas kit in 2015, and the Easter kit in 2016. Obviously, we had to 'chop it up' to be used for nursery kids (18 mo - 4 yrs), but we made it work. If I had a complaint, it would be that it's not geared for EVERY age - nursery to adult. That would apply to every curriculum available through Go Fish. They are truly that good! But it's possible to make it fit. The teen leaders were so in love with "It's About the Cross", that we let them sing it as much as a they wanted (even in our 2016 VBS each night). The crafts are fantastic! Our family does a light and music display in our front yard at Christmas and we use several songs from here . For Easter, I have to say that I missed the clever crafts that are always included in every other curriculum so far. Blessings and Favor!

Karen Sep 17th 2015

Christmas Pack

Bought the combo with Easter as well and look forward to looking at this as what I've read and looked at so far of the Christmas one is great. Love the music - especially the 'Its about the Cross song', really looking forward to introducing this to the kids. Love how there is large group and small group material. Love how its so Bible based. Would be awesome if there was more neutral hemisphere stuff - we in NZ are heading into summer at Christmas time so it's the beginning of summer holidays for us! Just a thought! As a church we want to do more of an intergenerational approach to Christmas this year maybe including the kids in 2 of the services in the Advent period. (our kids ministry is about 30-50 kids). We think that the GoFish material gives heaps of options we can incorporate.

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