Go Fish Worship Bundle

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Purchase all 5 together and take advantage of BIG savings!

INCLUDES 29 SONGS (5 Christmas, 4 Easter, and 20 you can use all year round!)

Volume 1 songs: My God, Fruit of the Spirit, Praise Your Name, Gotta Move!, Jump (featuring DJ Pray Z), and Glory. Click to view the Volume 1 Sampler Video

Volume 2 songs: Shine, Superhero, Rise & Shine, Worthy (Featuring DJ Pray-Z), All For You, and I'll Fly Away. Click to view the Volume 2 Sampler Video

Volume 3 songs: The Bible Book Bop, Movin' To The Beat (Featuring DJ Pray-Z), Christ The Lord Is Risen Today, All Of My Heart, Superstar, and Lord I Lift Your Name On High. Click to view the Volume 3 Sampler Video

Volume 4 songs: The Ten Commandment Boogie, Stories, Saved, The B-I-B-L-E, He Arose, and I Believe. Click to view the Volume 4 Sampler Video

Christmas Volume songs: Joy To The World, It's About The Cross, The Christmas Dance, Christmas With A Capital "C", and Joyful, Joyful We Adore TheeClick to view the Christmas Volume Sampler Video

Customer Reviews (4)

Awesome songs

Posted by Vickie on Mar 13th 2017
Loved the high energy songs and the movements that go with them! Use all of it in the kids church. Learning some of the songs for a skit for church.

For the most part, very solid, doctrinally

Posted by David Gustafson on Jun 27th 2016
While there were a couple (or so) of disappointing videos that had very little to nothing scriptural in them, but the vast majority of the videos were very well done and presented the gospel well. The videos are kid oriented, but what is being taught is "meaty" enough for adults as well. The Worship Resource Kit is a very versatile set of videos complete with printable teaching tools. I really enjoy that the videos teach the trinity of God, the books of the Bible, the 10 Commandments, that we sin, that salvation is by grace through faith and that by no other name are we saved, and so much more. GoFish is not afraid to proclaim the name of Jesus and point clearly to Him in their songs. Their focus on Jesus sets them apart from the more popular CCM songs and artists who abstractly refer to Jesus, who fail to mention His name or whose songs are really about praising the creation rather than the creator.

great product

Posted by Deb Miteff on Nov 11th 2015
we purchased the product to use with our kids fellowship group and the kids love it. the music is great, movement is wonderful and it's easy for the kids to follow. thank you

Go Fish is great music for kids

Posted by Pastor Jeremy Grose on Sep 10th 2015
The kids of our church have been asking for more Go Fish for awhile now. I just received them 1 month ago and several areas of kid min is using them. The kids love them.
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