Below are several testimonials from ministries who have used a Go Fish Resources curriculum.

We're on our last day of VBS today.  It's been the most fun and smoothly running VBS we've ever had.  You know what made my week?  Having kids come up to me and recite the 10 Commandments!  I've watched children literally run up to the platform to dance and sing and praise the Lord unlike I've ever seen them do in years past with other VBS programs we've done from other publishers.   

We always have a cookout at the beginning of the week to attract the neighborhood children and sign them up for VBS.  Our DJ played the CD that came in the kit and we had the largest turnout ever.  People were asking us if this was church music!  A lady from one of the local churches down the street heard the music, walked to our cookout and said, "I have to do this next year for our kids, too! Tell me how to get it!"  (We gladly passed on the website information.)

Kids are singing about CONTENT, not "theme" this year.  It's so important that they walk away knowing the truth about salvation and not the packaging that goes along with it.  Thank you for developing this and the other VBS programs.

-Kim (East Liverpool, Ohio)


While I used to be in charge of the children's ministry of my church, I stepped down a few years ago due to family commitments.  I am on the children's ministry leadership team and am in charge of our Kids Church Ministry at my church.  We use (name of major publisher removed) VBS.  I am put in charge of storytelling, because there is really no Biblical content....just a short Bible story in a flashy presentation.  We have to write the Bible into it.  Unfortunately, this seems to be the rule in children's curriculum.  We teach in sound bites.  We don't rightly divide the Word, instead we pass it off in small vignettes.  It is like we are spiritually feeding children fast food.  It might be appealing, but it can't nourish in the long run.

I finally got to sit down with your Praise VBS curriculum and I am really impressed.  You actually get to study God's Word with the children.  I must say,unfortunately, it is a novel approach.  Do you understand how badly our children need this?  

I love the music.  I am volunteering at a local elementary school (an undercover mission project) heading up the variety show.  These kids are so into dancing and singing.  We are actually doing Crazy Dance as a group number.  One boy asked where I got the song and I told him it was church music!  He said he wanted to go to that church.  Isn't that the point?  This music is right where they live.

- Nancy (Richmond, VA)


Your content and the entire program is just phenomenal.  We reviewed our records for the last 5 years of VBS.  With just the materials that we received in your starter kit, our church saved $700-$950 from previous years with a major publisher.  To say that this has been a blessing is to put it mildly.  We have been able, because of the savings, to purchase Bibles for every child who will come to VBS this year. 

Savings aside, the content is so very good.  Not "shallow and fluffy" (for lack of a better way to say it), but solid in biblical content.  I won't even begin to describe how excited our kids are over the music.  And what a joy to watch them just singing and dancing and having fun.  You guys are a blessing to children with your message, your music and your fun, positive attitudes.  Thank you from our very little church--we have become partners--just sayin'! 

-Mary Jo (Montgomery, TX)


This email is long overdue, and I was just prompted to write you again after watching my 11-year old son at Kickin' it Old School VBS last week.  I have volunteered at VBS every year since my son was 3 years old, and this is the first year that I saw him really engaging in the worship time.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I worked in Children's Ministry for a time, and I know that VBS is challenging to find something to engage preschoolers as well as 11-12 year old boys.  Thank you for doing what you do--it brought joy to my heart to watch my cool 6th grade son dancing and singing and praising the Lord--he loves your music (and so do I :)

-Mary Beth (Elk River, MN)


What a great week!  We had 50% increase in attendance at our VBS and wrapped it up with an outstanding concert.  Thank you for being so helpful and easy to work with.  You all did an outstanding job and the cooperation between all of your band/crew members is evident in the flawless manner in which you carried out your mission.  The fact we had more people at the concert than even live in Darlington made all our hard work worth it.  We hope you enjoyed your day in Darlington and wish to thank you for giving to the Lord. 

 -Jason (Darlington, WI)