Victory VBS Complete Curriculum Kit

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So-so experience

Posted by Susan (UMC) on Jun 29th 2017
This was my first time using GoFish VBS. Positives -- good biblical foundation (many times with other vendors the Bible story seems lost in the theme. This was the greatest strength of this resource), uncomplicated theme (we opted away from another vendor this year because their theme seemed really complicated to decorate and carry out, good music (catchy, some traditional hymn lyrics with upbeat music so the kids learn some tradition), good ideas for some crafts and games, less known/not as widely advertised here so there were no other churches using it already. Would like to see: Registrations site - I used another vendor's site Please provide artwork for the Bible stories. The theme posters were okay but we would like to see the theme and biblical story together on the posters, not just a generic background with the theme word. The music videos were confusing to learn the motions because the adult and sometimes some of the kids (usually boys) were doing different motions. This was very confusing and distracting. Please everyone in the video stick with the same motions. Our least favorite song as adults was the Lord's army, however we did not use winning streak because the older boys picked up and copied a motion in the video that looked inappropriate. The decorating for the sanctuary was a challenge. It would be helpful to have a decorations video with more visual ideas. We did manage to borrow some football uniforms for decor but it was difficult for our decorating team to decorate the sanctuary. The kit was about the same cost as other kits but others provide, at the same price, a full copy of everything, at least a copy of the director manual and anything that wasn't in the director manual. It was confusing to know what was on the flash drive and missed some resources until it was too late. We ran 4 days of classes, combining Joshua and Gideon because they were similar. Our 5th day is traditionally a closing program, where the kids share what they learned and we have a family dinner after, so we wrote that ourselves, since we didn't see a summary for the week in the materials. We did some different crafts that we felt the kids might be more likely to keep. We found armor of God necklaces and foam kits at O.T. for the last day. For David, the young ones painted 5 rocks with the theme words for those who could, and put them in organza bags. The middle school group made wire-wrapped rock necklaces we found on pineterest. For Esther, they made the puzzles suggested and also picture frames, which held their picture on the last day.. We did spirit sticks with the older kids the first night and megaphones and pompoms with the younger, because we didn't know if the little kids would have enough time to do the spirit sticks. We ended up scrapping the games and just letting the kids play on the playground. We like to have different ages sing different songs for the closing, so we sang victory in openings and did a breakout for music. So our breakouts were snacks & recreation, crafts, music, and stories & cheers. Each age learned one cheer and three songs -- Victory as the entrance/ opening song, blessed assurance as the final song, and each age did one of the other songs in the middle (with the 2-4 year olds singing traditional songs for this church -- Jesus loves me, deep and wide, and twinkle, twinkle). We could have done the music together in the opening and closing as planned but our 2-4 year olds don't stay focused that long. We ordered the name tags and used them but they really are too small to read. I wish the cds were available in 10's. Overall, we will look at gofish resources again as an option in the future because of the solid biblical foundation and some traditional lyrics and because we could adapt it to our needs.

Awesome Week!!

Posted by Denise Prior on Jun 11th 2017
Just finished our Victory VBS this week, The kids & adults have a victory pep rally every night music awesome. The lessons crafts and games were so easy to use with the kids. We names the kids group the Cleveland sports teams minsters, browns, Indians & cavaliers. The kids loved it. And so much fun all being on team Jesus!!! Thank you so much can not wait till next year..

Awesome content great value

I absolutely cannot wait til our June 12th VBS! God has been blessing our vbs team with decorating ideas and craft ideas. We encorporate service projects with ours and its hard to top the previous year. One thing I would love to see change wouldbe for Go Fish to have a dvd to show I opeopening rally every night to reinforce the nightly theme. Maybe 10 mins or so.

VBS 2017-Victory

Posted by Joelle Gaines on Mar 1st 2017
This is my 2nd year with the Go Fish guys and I am just as pleased this year as I was last... The way everything is organized takes a lot of the work out of it for us... The kids will love it this year too! Thanks!


Posted by Jamey Trahan on Feb 23rd 2017
I absolutely LOVE the Go Fish resources!!! Everything about their products are amazing!! We use their VBS kits for our kids camp in the summer!! The curriculum is spot on the games and crafts are so much fun and the music is so super cool!! The kids absolutely love it and get so into it every year!!! Every year when it is time to look for our VBS theme for camp I go to Go Fish first every time to see if there is any new products for the new year!! I am never disappointed in what they have! Each year I think It just can't get any better than this and it is always is!!!... AMAZING!!! It is always so engaging for the kids!! I am super pumped about the Victory theme this year!! Thank you GO Fish Guys!! You never disappoint!!

Always a VICTORY!

Posted by Amy Weeks on Feb 13th 2017
I plan on using the VICTORY VBS this summer. My kids LOVE Go Fish and this will be the 4th Bible School I've done with Go Fish resources. What caught my attention to this one was the theme song. I liked it so much that I ordered early so that I could use the music for our Easter Musical! The kids are already excited for Easter and VBS! Thanks Go Fish!
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